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Are you a Business Broker in Virginia?

Hi, I’m Nick DiLeone from Leone Real Estate Partners.

If you’re a business broker in Virginia facing deals stalled because buyers prefer leasing, I can help.

With 20+ years in commercial real estate, I specialize in buying these properties, making transactions smoother.

It’s win/win. You can close your deal and we get an occupied property.

Why Work With Me?

  • Direct dealings with me, the owner
  • Efficient, hassle-free transactions
  • Experience across office and industrial properties

Don’t let lease preferences slow you down.

Book a Zoom with me, even if you’re just looking to build a future relationship.

Let’s close this deal fast and build lasting connections.

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Looking forward to accelerating your deals,

Nick DiLeone
Managing Partner
Leone Real Estate Partners
Dallas, Texas
(214) 888-6736