Vito L.

Investor in three Leone Investments

“Learning, Earning and Having Fun” – Vito L. Discusses How He Wanted to Invest in Real Estate But Didn’t Know How, Leone Helped Him Do It

Eric Z.

Investor in eight Leone Investments

“I highly recommend Leone Real Estate Partners. Overall looking forward to the next 3-5 deals with Leone”.

George L.

Investor in three Leone Investments

“Recently it has been difficult for some real estate operators to meet their initial proforma. However the deals I have with Leone have been performing well. Still making distributions as promised”.

Matt R.

Investor in Seven Leone Investments

“Leone is one of the most asute real estate minds I know. Very impressed with their ability to source deals that are above forecasted returns consistently”.


Brett W.

Investor in seven Leone Investments

I have invested in seven Leone investments since the company was launched in 2020. I have known Nick since he was working for a large international real estate company Nuveen quite a few years ago. Leone’s institutional real estate investment experience gave me the confidence to invest with Leone. Overall, the investments I made with Leone have gone very well with distributions being paid on the investments as promised. The communication from Leone and his team has been great and the administrative details like timely K1 release has been great as well. Looking forward to making my next investment with Leone Real Estate Partners.

Jonathan P.

Investor in four Leone Investments

I have invested in four deals over the last couple years through my small business. I have been very happy and plan to continue investing in upcoming RV/campground and MHC projects. Working with Leone has been extremely easy and transparent. Everything has gone smoothly without any problems or issues. Distributions happen on schedule every month without delays, and the online portal makes it easy for me to keep track of things and access documents and other paperwork. I especially like the careful and conservative approach that Leone have in choosing projects and negotiating favorable deals. From the beginning, the experience has been 100% professional and I am very grateful to be a part of this community.

Mel Z.

Investor in two Leone Investments

I’ve had the privilege of being an investor with Leone Real Estate Partners for the past three years. When I first stepped into the world of real estate investing, I was a newcomer, eager to diversify my investment portfolio and generate passive, steady income.

Meeting Nick, the General Partner of Leone Real Estate Partners, in September 2020 was a pivotal moment for me. His expertise, guidance, and personalized approach instilled confidence in me and provided unwavering support throughout my investment journey. With Leone’s assistance, I successfully identified and invested in two lucrative multi-family deals. Working with Leone has been seamless, with no issues encountered. The dividend distributions for both deals have been consistently on time. Additionally, Leone Real Estate Partners’ user-friendly online portal has made it effortless for me to track my investments and access important documents.

Jonathan G.

Investor in two Leone Investments

I have invested in two of Leone Real Estate Partner’s multi-family investments – in Virginia and Texas – over the last 4 years.  He and his partners are wonderfully professional, both in managing the properties, and equally importantly in communicating with the investors and keeping us up to date. 

The investments have been very positive in their financial returns, and help to diversify my portfolio.  Cash distributions have been more stable and consistent than has been my experience in other real estate partnerships.  Also the Forms K-1 for taxes have been received on time in April, which makes my accountant happy. 

What is most important to me is the knowledge that Leone is actively following up on the properties, so that if I don’t pay attention for a period of time, I know that someone very competent and capable is monitoring the results.  

Natan O.

Investor in two Leone Investments

Being a new investor to real estate property, I was initially concerned about jumping into things given the risk in the industry. Nick is super friendly, easy to work with and most importantly offered many foundational and educational materials to make myself feel ready before making a commitment. 

I have an investment with another operator that isn’t going well, doing capital calls and even a possible default on the loan. In contrast my Leone investments have not only done well, but the distributions have been consistent and steady. The communication, tax related documentation and any news about the deals have always been delivered in the utmost professional fashion. I’m looking forward to the next deal that I get to participate in!

Payam N.

Investor in three Leone Investments

I have two multifamily investments and one RV park investment with Leone Real Estate Partners. Overall, I have been very pleased with the results. One of these investments is about to go full cycle, get sold with results that are targeted to beat the underwritten returns. I pride myself in knowing the multifamily space well as I am a multifamily real estate broker. I have multiple passive real estate investments and Leone has been the best in regards to paying distributions, investor communications and getting K1s out to investors timely. Looking forward to making my next investment with Leone Real Estate Partners.