Nick DiLeone – AP360 Podcast –

May 2022

The Art of Giving to Raise Capital

Nick DiLeone – School of cash Flow – March 2022

From Real Estate Executive to Real Estate Mogul

Nick DiLeone – Jake and Gino Movers and shakers – February 2022

Take Action Everyday


Marshall Friedman – Real Wealth Solutions – THe Road to 500-February 2022

Life is about people


Marshall Friedman – Jake and Gino – Movers and Shakers – June 2020

From Investment Banker to Full Time Multifamily Investor

Real Estate EDUCATIONAL Sessions


CREM&M Asset Class Series: Passive High Yielding Hard Money Investments – Will gave an overview of his team’s single asset hard money loan investing and hard money fund investing in central Tennessee.

Powell Chee – Managing Partner of Radiant Storage – September 2022

CREM&M Asset Class Series: Self Storage Investments – Powell gave us an overview of the self storage investment space including diving deep into underwriting these investments.

dylan Marma – Principal The Requity Group – August 2022

CREM&M Asset Class Series: RV Parks & Mobile Home Parks – Dylan gave an overview of investing in Mobile Home Parks and RV Parks.

Matt Faircloth – HEAD OF DeRosa Group – OCTOBER 2021

Matt gave us great advice on how to create a social media presence and he guided a great real estate Q&A session with everyone.

Gino Barbaro from Jake & Gino – July 2021

The Jake and Gino community, mindset, the 3 pillars of real estate and a great Q&A session.

David Toupin – Co-founder and CFO of Obsidian Capital – September 2020

Underwriting Demystified

Episode 2: All About That Revenue

James Kandasamy – Principal at Achieve Investment Group – November 2020

Underwriting Demystified Episode 3: Analyzing The IRR

Vinney Smile Chopra – Building a Real Estate Empire from $7 to $440M – January 2021

Vinney’s story and how his positive mindset allowed him to scale his business.

Robert Beardsley – Principal at Lone Star Capital – March 2021

Underwriting Demystified Episode 4: Stress Testing Multifamily Real Estate Investments


Will Coleman – Speed Networking and Capital Market Update – February 2021

Will Coleman from Rand Capital gives us an update on the Multifamily capital markets.

Dylan Marma – Principal at Requity Group – August 2020

Underwriting Demystified 

Episode 1: Expenses Under The Microscope